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AARE (Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate)


The word Auctionarium is the original Latin term used by Roman authorities as the place where properly licensed auctioneers were allowed to auction real estate, goods, chattel, even the entire Roman Empire was once sold at auction.

The Auctionarium is the brainchild of the Burke family after being involved full time in every aspect of the auction business since 1998.

Co-Founder William F. "Billy" Burke sold his first parcel of land on the internet in 1994. He then founded the first B2B (business-to-business) Internet auction for surplus assets in 1998 and rode the dot-com bubble raising millions in venture capital. He led the team that won the largest government surplus contract in history to conduct the sale of all US Military surplus on an exclusive basis through 2008.

In addition to setting innovative standards in the B2B and Internet auction industry at large, the company is certified and has worked with partners around the world to execute transactions of all sizes and asset types.

Auctions are the best way to sell anything, with trillions of dollars of corporate equity bought and sold at absolute or unreserved auction each and every day. The biggest daily auctions in the world are called The Stock Exchanges which are driven on a bid, ask and cash settlement basis.

Fine art and collector automobiles have traditionally been sold at auction to allow sophisticated buyers the opportunity to buy rare items for the "present cash market value" as determined through open and competitive bidding. Sellers employ professional auction companies due to their experience in creating the market for any type of asset to be sold as-is for cash on a certain date.

The Auctionarium Inc. has been founded to offer individual sellers a marketplace to sell items of value for cash using proven methods.

The Auctionarium Inc. is seeking licensed real estate professionals to train as "Auctionarium Counselors" to help walk people through the process of selling their home or high value assets at auction. Click here for more information

The goal of The Auctionarium Inc. is to serve our customers by delivering cash on schedule utilizing 2000 years of auctioneer traditions combined with 21st century technology.



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