THE AUCTIONARIUM California's only full service auction company for abandoned personal property

2000 Years of Auctioneer Traditions Combined with 21st Century Technology Deliver Legal Compliance

January 1 California Law Changed Requiring a Personal Property Appraisal on any foreclosed home or eviction case requiring an auction if valued at $700 or more.

The Auctionarium provides CERTIFIED Personal Property Appraisals and Auction Services to Shield Property Owners from Lawsuits.

California Civil Code - Section 1980-1991: Chapter 5. Disposition Of Personal Property Remaining On Premises At Termination Of Tenancy. Any type from eviction, foreclosure to the best tenant in the world after proper notice, leaving their stuff behind. Creating a financial nusiance for real estate owners to clean up.

Auctions are simple in concept, yet complex in execution of legal requirements, which is why The Auctionarium provides full end-to-end service for our sellers to make your experience hassle free.

  • Inventory with digital photos, worksheets and appraiser notes.
  • Certificate de Minimus or Trash Out Certificate if value is below $700
  • Trash out certificate gives peace of mind the law has been compied with.
  • Abandoned Personal Property or "Eviction Auctions" for Lenders and Land Lords to reclaim their property
  • Death - Divorce - Bankruptcy all create a need for Auctions where selling a specific date is important
  • Never, ever, ever, never move the assets unless you want to lose money
  • The Auctionarium sells where the property sits in accordance with California Codes & Regulations
  • Court Quality Industry Standard Reporting
  • Bank owned, foreclosures, evictions or walk aways, we do it all
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The Auctionarium Team is Professional & Experienced in Turning Customers Headaches into Hassle Free Cash

The Auctionarium, Inc. is California's only full service Roman rules Auctionarium that sells everything to the highest bidder(s) with no minimum bids and no reserved prices.

Auctions bring 100% of the value of your property every time


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Want a free no obligation auction evaluation? Click here and complete the form.

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