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How to buy at The Auctionarium Auction Events:

Bidding at auction is simple, easy and fun! People are never "sold" anything at auction, they "WIN" and are happy paying just one bid more than someone else was willing to pay for the same item.

Roman rules of the Auctionarium date back over 2000 years and are simple, yet fair.

  • Everything is sold as-is where is, with all faults and no warranty other than clear title.
  • Everything is available for inspection before the auction by qualified bidders
  • Everything sells to the highest bidder with no minimum bids & no reserved prices.
  • Everything must be paid in full prior to removal. (up to 30-days for real estate)

The rules are simple just like the trillions of dollars in corporate equities that are traded every weekday on the stock exchanges. No minimum bids & no reserved prices, everything sells to the highest bidder. Click here for the Roman Rules of the Auctionarium.

To bid at our live Auctionarium events the steps are simple:

First step is to see if you are interested in a particular auction by checking the Auctionarium Infomarium or auction information page. The Auction Information page contains lots of information starting with a brief description, then one may click for a detailed description. Be sure to check for online bidding and the Photo Gallery link at the upper right side of each auction information page. The Auctionarium publishes pictures of most (if not all) of the items to be sold at a particular auction event. You never know what you are going to find at The Auctionarium from antiquities to modern collectibles to household items, appliances, autos, homes, lots, land to whatever. If it's legal to sell The Auctionarium will sell it to the highest bidder with no minimums or reserve prices.

Arrive early to inspect the items you want to bid on for yourself. Be sure to check the auction information page for inspection times and dates, this is very important these are the only times the items are available for inspection.


The Auctionarium, Inc performs many types of auctions and each type of auction is different, estate auctions are often an all day event. Be sure to use common sense; wear comfortable shoes, bring a hat or visor, if you need special snacks keep an ice chest with water in the car, be sure to bring a valid ID for everyone in your bidder party along with cash, debit or credit cards.


The term Public Auction has its roots from Roman times when some auctions were for the elite or special traders and others are open to the public. Any member of the general public with valid ID (and money to buy with) is invited to participate in Auctionarium Events.

All Auctionarium Events are Open to the Public, registration is required to enter auction sites and your personal information is kept private in accordance with 2000 years of auctioneer traditions.


Some Auctions Such as Real Estate, Vehicles & High End Items Require a Deposit to Bid, the amount of deposit is published and is returned to non-winning bidders at the close of the auction.

Registration with a valid State ID such as drivers license is required to enter auctions to protect our sellers and comply with reporting rules.


The Auctionarium provides all types of auctioneer services from estate auctions when someone has passed away and the estate needs to be settled. Estate auctions traditionally are big social events where people gather, socialize, people watch and of course bid to win family treasures at your auction price

Storage Auctions under the California Self Storage Lien laws like you see on TV where the contents of storage lockers are sold to the highest bidders for unpaid rent.

Storage auctions can be fun & profitable, be ready to walk all over the storage facility, pay cash at the close of the auction and have someone to help haul your treasures away. Mini-Storage Companies are in business to rent extra space and auctions for non-payment of rent are less than 5% of their business. The contents are inventoried in accordance with California law and The Auctionarium actually posts pictures of the treasures inside to give bidders an "edge" to come up with a bid strategy for each abandoned storage unit.

Abandoned Personal Property Auctions or "Eviction Auctions" are sprouting like mushrooms due California Abandoned Personal Property Auction in accordance with California Civil Code sections 1980 thru 1991 Chapter 5. Disposition of Personal Property Remaining on Premises at Termination of Tenancy, Valued at $300 or more to be conducted on-site selling to the highest bidder for cash.

People from all walks of life move from eviction or foreclosure leaving behind treasures they do not want or cannot carry away. Abandoned personal property auctions are different than storage auctions because the winning bidder can take what they want and leave the rest. The bank or the landlord is happy to trash out the remainders because they now have legal use of their property back to rent or to sell, so you don't need to haul a truckload of stuff you don't want just to get that closet full of treasures.


Online bidding requires a valid credit card along with verifiable contact information

Inspect the items you plan to bid on, they are usually on display at The Auctionarium location or available at published times and days at special locations. Homes being sold at auction are usually held open for previews at least two to three times prior to the auction, lots and land are available for preview during daylight hours. Be sure to check the website or call if you have any questions. Click here to learn more about buying real estate at auction.

Bidding is done through the cry of the auctioneer. The auctioneer will ask for a bid amount all you need to do is raise your bid card or let one of our Auctionarium assistants know you want to bid.

Bidding will continue in the increments established by the auctioneer until there are no further raises in the bid price.

The Auctioneer will "knock down" or declare the item sold to bidder number _____ and the Auctionarium clerk will register the winning high bid in the records.

In the event of any dispute the Auctioneer shall be the sole arbiter and the auctioneers decision shall be final.

On occasion there will be a dispute that a bid was not heard or acknowledged by the auctioneer. The Auctionarium's job is to deliver the highest price possible and may, on occasion reopen the bidding if a dispute is made at the time the item is declared sold.

Payment must be made in cash or cash equivalent.

A personal or company check will only be accepted if accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee as follows: "We will guarantee payment of checks written on account #_____________ up to $____________ for purchases made at your auction sale on _______________. This letter must be written on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official. No third party checks will be accepted. Please note that all checks should be made payable to The Auctionarium, Inc.

Buyers premium

The Auctionarium, Inc. charges a Buyers premium which is based on a percentage (10% to 17%) added to the high bid price.

California sales tax is charged on all purchases, except:

  1. Real Estate which is transferred using a local escrow company.
  2. Re-sellers who have a valid California resale certificate on file stating the items are being purchased for resale.

There are no refunds or returns on any items sold at the Auctionarium.

Some items may have a guarantee provided by the seller. In those rare cases there will be an announcement with the item description and by the auctioneer when it comes up for bid.

The Auctionarium provides free bidder and broker seminars scheduled with real estate auctions, check the upper part of each auction information page for dates & times or call 818-583-7384. Please check our website or contact us if you would like to learn more about how to buy or sell at The Auctionarium.

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